Thursday, July 27, 2006

Hazelnut Health Board Presents

Is there really a miracle remedy for cancer disease? Is there any herbal cancer remedy? These are the most frequently asked questions about cancer disease.

The latest cancer remedy news came from China. Famous Chinese pharmacological Prof. Li Dapeng introduced the alternative cancer remedy which is called “Kanglaite Injection” or KLT which has been on top of the best selling anticancer drugs in China for recent 5 years due to its proven effectiveness.

KLT has the following features.

- Killing cancer cells directly and effectively while remarkably improving patient immune function;
- Synergistic in increasing efficacy and in reducing toxicity when combined with chemotherapy regimens or radiation therapy;
- Providing high energy nutrition to treat cachexia;
- Relieving cancerous pain markedly;
- Improving patient quality of life and notably prolonging survival;
- With little adverse reaction itself

Clinical experiences have shown that KLT has proven effect in the treatment of cancers mainly at sites of lung, breast, liver, nasopharynx, esophagus, stomach, pancreas, kidney, colon-rectum, ovary and prostate. Since 1997, KLT has brought great benefits to over 500,000 cancer patients. KLT Proves itselft to be the latest alternative herbal cancer remedy for cancer patients.


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